"Everyone Knew But No One Told The Kids": The Utter Betrayal of our Youth

"Everyone Knew But No One Told The Kids": The Utter Betrayal of our Youth
Edvard Munch, Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature). Oil, tempera, pastel and crayon on cardboard (1893)

There is something worse than doing something terrible and that is doing something terrible while pretending it is not terrible. Do that and sooner or later you will be given hell. Humans apparently have big brains because they have to work out whether other people are bullshiting them.

Here is the situation. Three of the world’s top scientists have just gone on the record on the Conversation website (Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap) to say:

“We struggle to name any climate scientist who at that time thought the Paris Agreement was feasible”

Read that quote several times and let the full implications soak in – no one thought that 1.5C was actually possible. Write it out and stick it on your fridge and read it out loud to yourself each morning for a month and I defy you not to scream with rage before the month is out. The world’s whole fucking liberal professional elite have been pushing a big fat lie for 6 years – a false hope. I told this to a leading American journalist this week, and he checked out the situation with another top world scientist – I have his email reply: 1.5C is effectively inevitable by 2030. That means it’s actually inevitable in any real world sense (scientists never say anything is inevitable because their certainty fetish).

Think about this for a moment. XR was largely propelled forward by the 2018 IPCC proclamation that we have 12 years to cut carbon emissions by 50% to stay under 1.5C. They always conveniently missed out that this gave only a 50% chance of success (only going for a 50/50 chance is all our kids are worth to them, but hey ho). Maybe 10 times the number who joined XR thought “ah, it’s still okay, I don’t need to join XR because it will get sorted out in the next 12 years”. What would have happened if 100 top world scientists had had the integrity, not to mention basic decency, at the time to came out and say “actually this is wrong, there is already zero chance of staying below 1.5. The world is real and that is the way it is”. Then we would have got 10 times the number of people on the street and we might have finally made some real political change. The loss of hope drives rebellion. That’s political sociology 101. Not the elite scientists’ cult of “positive thinking”. What do they know about the psychology of political mobilisation anyway?

What scientists have done then is to condemn our youth by sweet talking them into thinking that 1.5C is still possible. Fridays for a Future is now firmly in the hands of “managed defeat” NGO advisors (that’s what a chief Greenpeace strategist called it when we talked to them – yes he did say it) – hence their campaign to “stay under 1.5”. We have lost two years of global mass mobilisation due to the peddling of a fairy tale.

Everyone knew but no one told the kids. They are going to be sooo pissed!

And, unbelievably, they’re still at it! The Green Party in this London mayoral election is trotting out the same bollocks on staying under 1.5. Saying the words “climate emergency” a few times, and giving a death smile to the media is going to save us according to the Green’s candidate, the psychotic Sian Berry.
All mass death projects are facilitated by those whose job it is to sell outright lies and false hopes – those that smooth along the way into the furnaces and pits of corpses, thereby preventing a revolt. The Jewish police in the World War Two ghettos. The UN at Srebrenica in 1995, where 8000 Bosnians were murdered in cold blood. Dutch “peacekeepers” assured the refugees that the Serbian fascists would give them safe passage if they got on their buses (see the recent film: Quo Vadis, Aida).

But nothing, nothing compares with the obscene betrayal of the world’s youth in 2021. The climate movement industry continues to lie and lie some more: about people getting good jobs, the effectiveness of tree planting, being saved by non-existent fantasy technology, and yes that 1.5 is still achievable. We have been told for 30 years now to just stay calm, and quietly continue to dig the graves for our children. “Stay calm” is the central mantra of the death cult of the professional classes, whose cowardice is only matched by their pathological inability to feel anything. When did you ever see a scientist scream with rage? Never. They are condemned because they never screamed.

Yesterday I met a top PR guy I know, who worked with XR. A year ago he was very critical of a plan I had to expose the catastrophic corruption of the scientific profession. But after a year of trying to talk some courage into leading scientists he admitted I was right. “They are utterly … utterly …. utterly…” he could not find the words but is eyes were shot through with anger.

The liberal elite is falling apart, they have neither the guts nor the integrity to speak the truth. Within a year or two – five at the most, they will experience a mass mental breakdown. And yes, as I said in a previous post – after that nothing will ever be the same again.

Never be tempted to vote “Green”. All the candidates in this London election have just one policy: to continue the calm descent into hell, apart from Valerie Brown. Only she is proposing the revolutionary solution: ordinary people in citizens assemblies replace the lying cowards that are politicians, and they get to decide between Life and Death. Only ordinary people are able to save whatever is left of our legacy for the next generation.

The harsh reality is this.

We step up into resistance or descend into complicity: For those choosing the former email ring2021@protonmail.com for more information.

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