“The Troublemaker provides a blueprint for people who are sick and tired of the futility of civil discourse in combating the climate catastrophe. We hope this film inspires people to embrace radical tactics and actions that bring about real change. Our very existence depends on it.”
— Rooney Mara & Joaquin Phoenix

Produced by acclaimed director Sasha Snow

Oscar Winning production company, Passion Pictures, renowned sustainability pioneer, Thomas Ermacora, and multi-award winning filmmaker, Sasha Snow, team up to produce an independent production about the transformative potential of facing up to the climate crisis.

The Troublemaker scratches the niggling itch that is lurking in many of our brains about the extinction of planetary systems that seems to be going on all around us, and the dawning realization that something has to be done. It was filmed and edited at a time when, for most of us, ‘global crisis’ was an abstract concept. Now we know better.

With one foot in the past and one in the future, the film casts the reality of global crisis as an opportunity to live life without lies, a life that offers both resilience and joy through the power of collective action.

The film follows the personal awakening of two people, Roger and Slyvia, as they learn to accept the reality of climate breakdown and decide to do something about it.

Now that we understand more about what a ‘global crisis’ feels like, it can no longer be ignored. This is our opportunity to find a radical way to kill off our old selves and to live anew.

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