First Post

First Post

Like a lot of people I suppose I am really not sure about this FB business. But I recently decided that this is not the time to be stay undecided about things. I’m planning to do a few interesting things on the activism front this year and if they are to take off I think I might have to promote what I am doing a lot more. This is something else I am really not sure about but I am doing it anyway. So I have shuntered various “sensitive” family type people onto a new FB account and just gonna use this one for political stuff (and cats –see below). I still haven’t got it quite worked out but hey …

So here’s the deal – 25 years after I had my last bout of getting arrested, going to prison and various related naughtiness, I have decided I can’t any longer live with this whole climate change thing and not get myself into trouble. Trump getting elected was the final straw, but in truth I have known where I am heading for a good 10 years – ever since my organic veg growing business was effectively destroyed by 7 weeks of continuous rain. The upshot is I have helped start a campaign to get Kings College, where I’m doing my PhD, to decide to divest from fossil fuels. We have been putting dots of spray chalk on the walls as a way of symbolising the need to connect the dots (don’t panic it washes off). And as it happens I had to go to this disciplinary hearing about it this week. I’m really not very good at being cool in my head when I get into trouble but it was just fine. I was super nice – the women interviewing me was super nice – I gave her a little statement – said I didn’t want to get involved in all the bureaucracy thank you very much and left. So onto step 2 (yes I have it all planned out!) a week next Tuesday. I will keep you posted.

Another thing I’m not really sure about is doing super serious posts – I really can’t stay serious for very long so here’s a picture of a cat – someone told me that’s what people do on the internet? 

The Climate Situation
is F*cked

Help me to get with the job of sorting it out.