As Britain goes over 40C... The Meaning of Inalienable Rights

As Britain goes over 40C... The Meaning of Inalienable Rights
Image: "To Versailles, An Incident in The French Revolution", oil on canvas. Valentine Cameron Prinsep, 1894

I have been ploughing through a 50-episode history of the French Revolution. I read a long book about the whole thing the last time I was in prison but it is always refreshing to be reminded that there was a time when ideas meant something. Today nothing means anything. Words are just thrown around and have no effect – crisis catastrophe apocalypse– whatever. Netflix is still running so we can stay asleep.

The sacred function of leaders is to remain awake. This means being able to differentiate between the noise and the real. This ability has traditionally been forged by two social processes:

First is the experience of suffering. Leaders – real leaders that are – lead their troops into battle. They were the first over the top. This made them serious people. The leaders that came out of World War Two had many faults, but they knew what it meant to die for democracy. They had seen their brother’s and sister’s bodies being blown to bits in the battles against the Nazis. They knew what killing looked like.

Secondly, leaders would be taught classical history – meaning the stories of how power corrupts the great and good and leads to their destruction. The purpose of these stories is to make leaders constantly on the lookout for delusion. Pride comes before a fall.
What the classics teach is the central importance of virtue – that is the belief that some things are good and to enact them is an end in themselves. The corruption of the elites begins with the degeneration into the calculation. To act not out of honour or duty but out of expediency.

The ecstasy of the Enlightenment was the discovery that there could be something else other than arbitrary force and plunder- the endless murderous cycle. People were no longer the playthings of Gods and Kings. Up to this point the rich and powerful thought nothing of slaughtering and raping those who were considered outside their moral community of kin tribe or nation. The “other” was fair game – in the same way as most people think about animals today.
The Enlightenment created a new category – the Human. And this category had intrinsic rights – that is rights that were inalienable- meaning not open to negotiation. Inalienable Rights are twofold – the Right to Life and the Right to a Livelihood.
The notion of Rights is inseparable from the notion of War and Revolution. The reason is clear and simple: if rights are inalienable then, if they are violated, the human, more especially the citizen, has a right, and indeed a duty, to rebel. This is not a vague or voluntary matter. Modern history is packed full of hundreds of examples of where this violation has triggered the revolt.

In other words in the modernist period of history from approximately 1780 to 1989 there were clear lines in the sand. If an elite or regime or foreign power violated the Right to Life and the Right to Livelihood it was clear what a human was to do.

In the post-modern period since 1989, all of this has broken down and this is the primary reason for the accelerating collapse of liberal civilisation in its widest meaning. There are no lines in the sand, only “positions'' and verbal clashes over positions. Action – that brutal intrusion of objectivity, is a taboo for the post-modern cultural elites – hence the horror that XR and JSO do things “that could cause harm”. It is inconceivable to these postmodernist critics that “harm” is already going on in the world because they don’t believe there is a real-world – only views and perspectives.

A leadership culture which cannot draw a line in the sand is a culture which will soon collapse under the weight of its cowardice. This is the culture of contemporary academia, the administrative professions, the NGOs, the political parties, and the pillars of the present regime.

The classic example here is COP26. It is now blatantly obvious that the corporate class has no intention of stopping the world from going over 1.5C – no surprises there. This inevitably means the destruction of both sovereign states and the lives of billions of people. If this is not the most obscene violation of Inalienable Rights then god knows what is.

The modernist response is clear. Make an ultimatum and then, if it is ignored, declare war and/or rebellion – in our context engage in civil resistance. This is not a calculated act, it is not a matter of winning – it is a matter of virtue: honour and duty. If you violate the sacred I will fight you to death. Remember the resistance in World War Two. When the very basis of civilisation is threatened you are either in resistance or in collaboration.

Let me be very concrete and specific about what has to happen here. As we go over 40C this week a letter has to be written by key leaders and organisations in the liberal class giving the UK government a date whereby they have to undergo specific and concrete reductions in life-destroying emissions of the deadly poisonous gas which is CO2. If this response is not substantially responded to by this date, signatures to the letter make a proportionate and constitutional response to the regime’s treasonous betrayal of its primary responsibility in any democracy – the preservation of Life and Liberty. The leaders lead their people into central London, or the capital in other democracies, and blockade the transport systems and government buildings until they are imprisoned or are successful. That’s what believing in rights demands of you. Don’t use the language of Rights unless you are prepared to act to protect them. Virtue signalling about rights in the present context is beyond contempt.

The inability after COP 26 of the liberal class to rebel desecrates the very essence of the Enlightenment proposition: that Rights are Inalienable and thus Non Negotiable. The infinite criminality of this class is this: their unwillingness to defend their core values is most likely to usher in a 10,000-year-long return to the era of plunder, slaughter, and rape. There is no greater example of moral vandalism.

Let me say that again: there is no greater instance of moral vandalism – than to stand by in 2022.

And this is why I experience hatred for these people. After all, the main reason we have not got to a critical mass of mobilisation is because they are sitting on the arses making lame excuses for their cowardice. They are the greatest traitors to our sacred traditions.

But what I think is pretty irrelevant. The point is this: they will be seen by the next thousand generations as the vile creatures who stood by and let it all get thrown away. They will be the contemptuous idiots in future movies like the Nazis' collaborators are in today’s films. In the key scene where the heroes plead for support against evil, these are the people who just turn away and the audience goes WTF. Think of the top journalist in the Wall Street Journal scene in the Big Short. If you haven’t seen the film watch it – or watch it again – it shows actually what I am talking about here. Everyone in authority is shown to have zero brain cells and zero sense of duty.

Here's the deal: In End Times you are either a rebel or a collaborator. That’s what End Times means – a time when there is no middle ground. If you are in doubt, read about the French Revolution or any other history of the collapse of an elite under the unbearable weight of its hubris.

There have been many Marie Antoinette’s in history but never more than within our present-day elites.

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