🗳️Labour's Election Policy? To Shatter The Young's Bones For Eternity

🗳️Labour's Election Policy? To Shatter The Young's Bones For Eternity
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Keir Starmer and his team are planning the most immoral and evil government in our country’s history. By refusing to engage in an emergency decarbonisation of the UK economy they will play their part in locking in the destruction of our civilisation over the coming two generations. 

Imagine a massive block of concrete at the top of a high building - it is about to be dropped on an inescapable cage filled with our children. Labour's policy is to allow the people with the block of concrete (the economic elites) to drop it and shatter the bones of those kids. Imagine it. Not just this on one day, not just the following day, but every fucking day forever and ever - like some deathly Greek myth. This is Labour policy: the infliction of endless torture and pain. That is what you are voting for when you vote for the Labour Party - mass starvation, mass slaughter, mass rape. A Hothouse Holocaust. Forever. 

This is what it means to allow the world to go over 2C - to create a billion refugees, to allow the arctic ice to melt - to destroy our ability to grow food, to allow the Atlantic current (AMOC) to collapse - to turn this country in a barren desert of ice, to allow sea level to rise - to destroy every coastal city, to create unbearable heat for everyone in the subtropics - to kill them in six hours, to melt every glacier and all the snow in the mountains - to deny billions access to fresh water. Then there is the Amazon, the methane, the ozone, the acidification…the list goes on and on and on and on and on. 

Labour plans to have all this happen and for it to happen all at once. Don’t vote for them. Don’t repeat the terrible error of voting for the Nazis in 1933. 12 years later 10 million Germans were fleeing the Soviets, 2 million raped women, and the country was utterly devastated. Labour’s plan is for this to happen to you and your children. Except this time it goes on forever and ever and ever.

Don’t delude yourself by the fairytale that decent upright people cannot create such evil. Decent and upright people stood by while millions burned in the concentration camps. Decent and upright people ran the European colonial empires. Decent upright people owned and killed their slaves. Decent and upright people create Hell. Then and Now. 

Instead, follow the facts - follow the reality -the science, and don’t blame the messenger. All I have said here is confirmed by 10,000 peer-reviewed papers. Emergency action is needed and Labour will not enact emergency action. These are the only two facts you need to know. Being upright and decent is irrelevant. Starmer will stand by. He will do nothing. 

As it happens when the election was announced yesterday I was watching a clip from the greatest horror film of all time - Threads. Watch it on Youtube - watch the nine-minute clip: the bodies, the rubble, the blood, the faces, the shit, the tears, the end… of everything. 

This is what 2C means - what do you think 1 billion refugees (for starters) looks like? Get fucking real. Don’t insult yourself.

Then look in the mirror and say this:

“No way am I voting Labour”. 

“I will stop being a slave to our executioners.”

Independents are standing to create system change - our only hope - vote for them. If you don't have that choice write on your ballot paper - “they do not represent us”. Then go home and prepare to do your duty to resist the greatest shitshow… ever.

If you read to this point, I wish you all the best. It’s the least I can do. 

I've been speaking across the country over the last week on a new project, Assemble, which is going to use community assemblies to set up local candidates in the 2024 election. This is the democratic revolution in the making. Find out more at upcoming events in person or online. Donate to support us.

Sign up for nonviolent civil resistance with Just Stop Oil in the UK or via the A22 Network internationally. 

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