Only a Revolution Will Save Us Now

Only a Revolution Will Save Us Now
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This week has seen a flurry of “data points” on the coming revolution. The carbon ruling class psychopaths and their appeasers in the reformist space (the NGOs, the political parties, the elite university “radical” left) think all this is nonsense of course, but that’s because that can’t do basic maths. Sir David King former chief scientific advisor to the British Government, last month, can do maths:

“We need to move rapidly. What we do in the next 2-3 years, I believe, will determine the future of humanity.” (translation: only a revolution will save us now).

Three years ago I was found not guilty of “criminal damage without lawful excuse” by a London jury. It took them 40 minutes to decide the verdict and it was unanimous. This week six brave truth tellers were also found not guilty of criminal damage despite causing tens of thousands of pounds of “damage”. Why? Because any ordinary person who spends a few days hearing about the reality of coming mass death and the basic decency of people who stand against this evil is elevated to tears. The message to the Establishment is this: no London jury is going to find “criminal damage” on the ecological crisis unlawful.

Gentlemen, going forward, only by undermining the British constitution and English common law, will you be able to continue your treasonous destruction of this country and your pathological disregard for our children. You are now “complicit in ecocide” as my friend Dave declared in court this week as he glued himself to the dock. As day follows night, judges will find themselves in the dock within a decade. Justice will be done. This is Britain not Russia.

So when nine women were arrested this week for causing potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage at HSBC, we already know what the jury will say: “fair enough”. At some point the penny is going to drop, funding mass death is unlawful. You can’t get more basic than that. “The highest law is the welfare of the people”.

Meanwhile Priti Patel does the bidding of her political masters and puts in place the authoritarian laws which will create the backfiring effects which will spark revolution in the coming years. With all due respect to the “kill the bill” people, the smart revolutionary response to the new legislation is “bring it on” and “do your worst”. Let’s not moan about the loss of “liberal rights” – they only ever existed to the extent that we do not challenge the system. A sign we are making progress is when they start to show their true colours. It’s happened a hundred times before in history, and is happening again now. We don’t want to stop the bill we want to remove the regime. Anything less is a death sentence to billions of the poorest people on the planet. Or as that death loving cult, the International Monetary Fund, put it “There is growing agreement between economists and scientists that the tail risks are material and the risk of catastrophic and irreversible disaster is rising, implying potentially infinite costs of unmitigated climate change, including, in the extreme, human extinction” (translation: they are going to have us all die).

A last data point: over 70% of people who talk to Valerie Brown, Burning Pink’s candidate for London mayor in a London street give her their contact details. This is not because she has “the right policies” but because she is an ordinary person who cares. As Jamie Kelsey told me about electing ordinary people to the council in North Devon: what get’s people to vote for us is knowing that we are “not them”.

I talked with Micah White one of the originators of Occupy before we set up Burning Pink. We both agreed we have to take over the state. We don’t have time to do anything less. And the state is ready to be taken. I regularly speak to “establishment” figures and they all know they have fucked up and they no answers. Within 5 years the world will be heading over 1.5C, Paris will be dead, and our emperors will be seen for having no clothes. Life will never be the same again.

So it’s a race against time guys! What a time to be alive. In the next half decade we will determine whether the ecological catastrophe that is now locked in leads to a fascist revolution or a radical democratic one. A revolution based upon fear and hatred or a revolution which puts legally binding citizens assemblies at the centre political power, which, for the first time in our history, puts working people and minorities into power and evicts the corporate class and their professional administrators. A revolution based upon human deliberation and empathy.

We will need every ounce of strategic intelligence to succeed. We urgently need to exit the dead spaces of reformism and do two things. Engage with ordinary people with leafleting, stalls, door knocking, and ringing, creating tours of orators and assemblies up and down the country. And we need to combine together to bring down the carbon economy not in one off “actions” but every week until we get legislative victories or are banged up. Just as the great US civil rights struggles tore into the “southern way of life” so today we have to tear into “the carbon way of life”. Anything less is delusion and complicity, not to mention being mathematically illiterate.

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