Resist or be Complicit: An Open Letter to the British Legal Profession

Resist or be Complicit: An Open Letter to the British Legal Profession
Tracey Mallaghan

Some things exist whether you choose to believe they exist or not. Some things are true whether you believe them to be true or not. And some duties you have a legal obligation to fulfil, whether you choose to ignore them or not. The more you refuse, the deeper you dig a hole for yourselves.

We live in a time of consequences. Inaction means consequences of violence beyond our imaginations.

This week members of your profession imprisoned two British citizens, Tracey Mallaghan and Sally Davidson, for “contempt of court”. In doing so, they showed contempt for the British Constitution.

The reason is not complicated. The foundation of our constitution is the Social Contract. The first duty of the British government is protection of the British People, and the first duty of the British People is to obey the laws of the British Government. If either side breaks this contact then they are not above the law and will be prosecuted. Citizens who break the laws of the government are prosecuted under those laws in a British Court. Governments that refuse to protect the lives and livelihoods of the British people are guilty of treason. Citizens have a duty to remove such a government and institute a new regime which will prosecute the traitors.

Those who are complicit in administering and facilitating treason will also be liable for prosecution.

The facts are clear. For thirty years the British Government has been told by the scientific community that continuing to allow the emission of greenhouse gases will lead to the destruction of our State and Society. The consequences of inaction are numerous, interlocking, and existential. To engage in allowing continued emissions by the merchant class therefore constitutes treason against the state: to put a private interest before the public interest to the extent of destroying the country. This extreme criminality has already led to the locking in of 1.5C of warming: permanent global economic depression, regular pandemics, hundreds of millions of refugees, the evacuation of all the world’s coastal cities over the next century due to rising sea levels, and climate chaos for tens of thousands of years. The precise extent of these consequences is open to debate, the substance is not. If our government continues to refuse to take emergency action over the next five years then it will be responsible for taking us over 2C, locking in geo-physical feedback loops which will lead to billions of deaths from starvation, the end of civilised life, and a significant possibility of human extinction. There is no greater crime in the history of humanity for a regime to allow this to happen.

In this country a civil war was fought to establish the principle that no man, no class of people, and no private interest is above the law. Charles the First believed himself to be above the law, that the doctrine of the divine right of kings allowed him to engage in pillage, rape, and slaughter at will. He lost the civil war and was beheaded as a “traitor against the state”.

For three and half centuries no British Monarch or Government has dared to adopt the position that it has a right, divine or otherwise, to destroy the lives and livelihoods of the people of this country. Until now. The facts are clear. Over the past three decades the British political class has willingly, in full knowledge of the science, engaged in the treasonous betrayal of British people.

We are now in the time of reckoning. Within ten years the catastrophic material consequences of that betrayal will become blindingly obvious and the law will take its course, as it has in the past. Those complicit in thes hideous crimes will be prosecuted.

This will include individuals in the legal professions: judges, prosecutors, and clerks that participated in the persecution and imprisonment of those who are performing their legal and patriotic duty to resist the treasonous regime. To avoid prosecution, you are required to resist the regime by refusing to prosecute those enacting their legal rights and duties.

Those of you with a classical education will understand that history is a story of endless human folly: the tragic inability of those in power to see anything except what they want to see, and their consequential fall from power due to the extremity of their immorality and stupidity.

Your actions are on record. The Law will take its course. Justice will be done.

And Burning Pink will play its part.

The Climate Situation
is F*cked

Help me to get with the job of sorting it out.