Pink Paint for Local Traitors: The Purity of Defiance

Pink Paint for Local Traitors: The Purity of Defiance

It is easy to go with the crowd. It’s easy to look at posts like rabbits peering into the headlights. There is a moment when all this changes. All the manic excuses and rationalisations fall away and you are left with just yourself and the utter horror of what is coming down the line. People have faced annihilation many times in history. Our stories and movies are full of it. This is the moment we are in today. And it the essence of the human spirit to act in defiance in such circumstances.

On Monday Burning Pink members threw paint over councils up and down the country. The message is straightforward: No you won’t have us die. Of course they have been met with the silence, mockery and attacks of those that have don’t have the guts to face facts. Those too afraid to step into responsibility.

Who project their self contempt at their own cowardice onto the others who remind them of their catastrophic moral failure.
Local councils declared climate emergencies and then did fuck all about it.

This is a treasonous betrayal of the people they claim to serve. And they will do nothing until there is direct action against them and people stand in elections to get them out of power.

This is Burning Pink. It is not a plan, it is a spasm of rage and love. It does not need to work out the chances of success.

We are way past that.

The people who took action this week know the score. They are part of a long tradition of radicalism in this country. Like the Civil war revolutionaries, like the early trade unionists, the suffragettes, the civil rights activists – hated and despised at the time, memorialised and celebrated when at a safe distance.

This time there is will be no more times, if we fail. There is be no more families or communities, and no more memorials and celebrations.

There will only be rape and death. Utter desolation.

This week an ignored conference on the Catastrophe confirmed we will be flying past 1.5C in the next 5 to 10 years and 2C a few years later. Hundreds of millions of people will be fleeing their homes and the world be inflicted by a Covid style crisis but a hundred times worse, and without end. You will be pretending it’s still fine, and then suddenly it will all be over.

At a conference last week Sir David King, former top science advisor to the British government, declared we have just four or five years to invest in massive geo- engineering projects. This is elite speak for “we have so utterly fucked things up that only science fiction miracles will save us”. Councils planting a few trees is worse than insulting.

My deepest thanks goes to the brave souls that undertook the beginning of the revolt.

The universe salutes you.

Only a Revolution will save us now.

People stepping into doing civil disobedience email us on:

The Climate Situation
is F*cked

Help me to get with the job of sorting it out.