I co-founded Extinction Rebellion in 2018 and since then I have literally not stopped. I created the strategic framework which enabled XR to become the number one global influencer on the biggest crisis in humanity’s history – the ecological emergency – in 2019.

Since then, I have co-lead the political party Burning Pink, which aimed at replacing politicians with Citizens' Assemblies alongside a campaign of civil disobedience against councils and corporations; co-founded Insulate Britain, the UK's biggest civil disobedience campaign of 2021, aimed at forcing the government into insulating leaky homes across the UK, which became the fastest name recognition campaign in British history; played a key role in the development of Just Stop Oil, which has become the biggest climate campaign in the UK with over 90% name recognition. I did the initial design work for the A22 network of civil resistance projects which have become the biggest climate in several Western countries including France, Germany, Italy and Sweden over the past year.

In November last year, I was imprisoned for making a short speech in support of Just Stop Oil. You read that right!

After four months of incarceration, I am now back at work. I have two priorities: to tell the truth and to act as if that truth is real. Unlike anyone else in the global public sphere, I make clear what is going to happen in plain everyday language. We are not facing climate change, we are facing social breakdown - mass rape, mass slaughter, and mass starvation. It is what it is, and nothing is going to change unless we face this reality head-on. And nothing will change unless we get real about what we have to do. I believe in leading from the front. My PhD research and activism have resulted in around 20+ arrests (I have lost count) in the past four years, four stints in prison, and two 14-day hunger strikes. You have no credibility unless you walk the talk.

After years of being effectively homeless - sleeping under a library desk and in PhD rooms at King’s College, then on the floor of XR offices, and in the spare room of supporters - myself and my partner Frieda are now in a permanently rented flat. It is a space in which to organise the coming revolution: to engage fully with the global media, and advise and organise mobilisations around the world. It is absolutely perfect. But I need money to afford it.

By subscribing with a donation you will enable me to get on with the vital work I am doing and give me the resources not just to support myself, but also other people who are stepping up. I am completely committed to living on the minimum income and will give any surplus to the cause. This is how I have always lived and I am not going to change now.

Any monthly donation you can give is greatly appreciated. Alternatively you can give a one-off donation.

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"I’ve been following Roger's efforts since the start of XR and as a long time community organizer, I can see the value and importance of it. Donating is the least I can do. The example he and his comrades are setting is crucial for the world."
– Fred Wright, New York - Satyagrahi