🙊 When Will Experts Start Saying “Mass Murder”? - Existential Crisis Realities November

🙊 When Will Experts Start Saying “Mass Murder”? - Existential Crisis Realities November

As the catalogue of impending disasters increases, journalists and experts are still refusing to call a spade a spade. November was another euphemistic month of ‘Catastrophe’ and ‘Warnings’ that were emotionally detached from the reality at hand - the mass murder of humanity.

How else can we describe the elite’s continual endeavour to put carbon in the atmosphere, knowing it will wipe out life on this planet?

This monthly science briefing lays out the latest scientific evidence alongside the media's coverage of it, followed by my critiques. The aim is to update you on the science whilst also cutting through the liberal media's repressed distortions of the truth.

Daily Temperatures Breached +2.0°C For The First Time

So, we passed 2C. But it's okay, it was only for a few days. Back to work everyone. We're not going to get killed by the elites just yet.

In just a few lines this sums up our situation. We’re heading towards billions of deaths.

Hansen’s colleague, researcher Leon Simons, added “All this extreme ocean surface heat is about to turn into a year of shocking extreme atmospheric temperatures and even more extreme weather. We might be getting a first taste of the Termination Shock from terminating part of our cooling sulphur pollution, while still increasing greenhouse gases.”

“The data suggests an alarming trend where temperatures continued to soar after previous Super El Niños, indicating an impending crisis. As you can see in the updated Climate Spiral, the climate seems to be spiralling out of control and sending us over 2C.”

Note: We passed "Daily Temperatures" of +2C. The Climate Spiral shows "Monthly Temperatures" which are yet to exceed 2C. We generally talk about climate in terms of "Annual Temperatures" but these other figures give us the latest, up-to-date picture of where those annual temperatures are heading.

Q&A: Warming of 2C would trigger ‘catastrophic’ loss of world’s ice, new report says - Carbon Brief
Global warming of 2C would see “extensive, long-term [and] essentially irreversible” losses from the Earth’s ice sheets and glaciers, warns a new report.
Carbon Brief's new report shows that a 2C world would also lead to polar oceans that are “ice-free” in summer and suffering “essentially permanent corrosive ocean acidification”. The trend signals an imminent rise in global sea level “between 12 and 20 metres” of sea level rise “if 2C becomes the new constant".

This report shows the central contradiction in how the science community communicates "the facts". On the one hand it says if we get to 2C the situation will be "catastrophic" - implying ... oh, okay, so that's the deal then.  

And then elsewhere it says that 2C will lock in "additional warming" from permafrost melts and other feedback loops. ... So there is no such thing as "2C". There is stopping at about 1.5C (if we are lucky) or speed up to 3, 4, 5C plus - whatever - meaning billions of people starve to death.

You can read the full “State of Cryosphere” report, Two Degrees is Too High, here.

‘Hell de Janeiro’: scorching heat highlights Brazil’s glaring inequality
It felt like 58.5C in Rio on Tuesday – and the soaring, indeed dangerous, temperatures are hitting the poorest hardest

"Scorching heat highlights Brazil's inequality"... I would have thought it highlights the extreme sadism of global north elites and their indifferent publics that created the heat in the first place. Though highlighting the "glaring inequality" makes The Guardian readers feel virtuous in the "left" analysis, as a displacement for their glaring willingness to be bystanders.

During the heatwave they also reported on the "Death of a fan at a Taylor Swift concert on Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro, at which thousands of other concertgoers reportedly had to be treated for dehydration."

For the mathematically inclined, the question is how many more degrees should it need to reach before 1000s die and millions have to be treated for dehydration? It's a curve, remember.

Prof Nick Cowern says "We have to go on a war footing"

NOAA report says declining snowpack means worldwide food disruptions - UPI.com
Human-caused climate change resulting in higher average temperatures has caused a global decline in snowfall, according to a new analysis from NOAA.
"Human-caused climate change resulting in higher average temperatures has caused a global decline in snowfall, according to a new analysis from NOAA.
That means more precipitation is likely to fall as rain, causing a disruption to food supplies and less water for billions of people, the report said."
"Beyond less water and disruption to the global food supply, reduced snowfall means higher ground temperatures, too.”

Note again the use of Billions. Billions of people will be “disrupted” from food and water supplies. What does that mean when billions of people can't access food and water? Oh yeah - they die.

They are going to be killed by our elite and carbon infrastructure will be the murder weapon.

UK forests face catastrophic ecosystem collapse within 50 years, study says
‘Alarming’ new research warns of risk to British woodlands from disease, extreme weather and wildfires, unless ‘call to action’ is heeded now
“Warnings surfaced about the impending collapse of UK forests within the next 50 years due to multiple threats, including disease, extreme weather, and wildfires. This threat echoes the global peril facing natural habitats.”
“When you get all of those things happening at the same time as multiple, interrelated threats, that just overwhelms the forest, ...trees dying and the forest ecosystem collapsing …that has massive landscape impacts, and significant impacts for society.”

Notice 2 things here:

a) The scientists are smart enough to see that interrelated threats create non-linear effects and thus are described as "massive," but because their "remit" is just to assess the impact of this element of the whole system (ie trees) on society then they assume, linearly, using the word "significant". It’s complete irrationality.If impacts on trees are massive, causal agents which create massive impacts (i.e. mass of "climate change" elements - primary & secondary effects) will cause "massive," not just "significant" societal impacts.

b) So what exactly are these massive "impacts"?  (Note the neoliberal accounting word)

Massive impacts on society are never explained because if the scientists did explain them, then they would probably lose their jobs because they are "speculating" (but really because they are upsetting people). So let's be clear, massive impacts means mass starvation and mass slaughter as the secondary effects of people killing each other to get food.

A key reason we are going to hell is because the above 2 processes are systemised across the social communication system. Scientists are massively implicated in deception: in the process of duping us into passively allowing our children to be killed and the country destroyed.

Human-induced climate change compounded by socio-economic water stressors increased severity of drought in Syria, Iraq and Iran – World Weather Attribution
“New report highlights the increasingly frequent and severe droughts in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and other similar regions, emphasising the radical and dire shift in climate patterns”

As my friend and IPCC researcher Peter Carter points out, it is “a situation we predicted long ago”. 

Watch our chat together. Subscribe to the Youtube for more.

‘Paying in lives’: health of billions at risk from global heating, warns report
Inaction on the climate crisis is ‘costing lives and livelihoods’ due to extreme heat, food insecurity and infectious diseases, say scientists

The Lancet’s new report puts the word billions back in the public sphere.

Maybe 2023 will be remembered as the year when the word "billion" enters the public sphere as the number of people who are going to be killed.

When the liberal climate industry breaks down and people start to focus on just how serious is the situation.

Paul Beckwith defending the use of billions.

Why Climate Scientists are saying Climate is an All Out Emergency - Washington Post (Paywall removed)

“The problem is not that scientists haven’t been communicating clearly enough ... We communicated pretty darn clearly."

This is what denial looks like. Denial of social science.

The 101 of social science is that words and information constitute only a small part of "communication". Most of it is about EMOTION and ACTION.

If they want a real case study on effective communication, they should check out Larry Kramer on the aids crisis: "Get out in the streets otherwise you're gonna fucking die"

Repeat that as if your loved one is about to be murdered.

Then you'll be in the ballpark of communicating "pretty darn clearly".

Politicians who delay climate action must live with consequences, says WHO expert
Delegates at Cop are ‘negotiating with our health’, says Maria Neira, the doctor in charge of environmental health at WHO

In yet another repressed article, an interviewed expert says "I don’t want to say killing".  

That means she does want to say "killing" but there's the career to think about, right? If she says killing she loses her job. There’s a systemic level of gagging on climate experts that forces them to lie. 

We need to create a social science of the "climate science" - an examination of the social construction between the brutal facts of the earth system and the pathological mass suicide project of the social system. First up - research the exponential increase in the words "kill" and "billion" in the near term future.

Ocean warming is accelerating, and hotspots reveal which areas are absorbing the most heat
A new study reveals increasing warming rates in the world’s oceans in recent decades and the locations with the greatest heat uptake.
“Ocean warming has accelerated dramatically since the 1990s, nearly doubling during 2010–2020 relative to 1990–2000, according to new UNSW Sydney-led research.
The study, published this week in Nature Communications, also shows some areas of the ocean are doing more of the work in heat uptake or absorption, which has implications for our understanding of sea-level rise and climate impacts.
“The world ocean, in 2023, is now the hottest ever recorded, and sea levels are rising because heat causes water to expand and ice to melt,” says Prof. England. “Ecosystems are also experiencing unprecedented heat stress, and the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events are changing rapidly, and the costs are enormous.”

Quote of the Week

"If we carry on the way we are going, I can't see this civilization lasting the end of this century - no chance in my view - on the current trajectory"

Professor Tim Lenton, FGS FLS FRSB, leading climate tipping point expert. 

Only expression can beat repression. Only our screams and shouts of what a fucking crisis we’re in can drown out the pathetic whimpers of the liberal class.

Don’t just read this. Cry about it. Scream about it. And then act on it. 

Civil disobedience will cut through the lies and expose the injustice surrounding us. 

Citizen’s Assemblies will bring us back together to salvage our humanity.

Sign up for nonviolent civil resistance with Just Stop Oil in the UK or via the A22 Network internationally. Alternatively, you can now sign up for my new Citizen's Assembly project called Humanity.

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