💀COP28  - Run by Fascists. Legitimised by Liberals.

💀COP28  - Run by Fascists. Legitimised by Liberals.

Let me make a well considered statement:

The COP process is dedicated to facilitating the greatest holocaust in human history.

Any organisation that participates in this process in 2023 is guilty of complicity in that holocaust - the world on fire for ever more.

Look where 27 COPS have got us.

We're at record high emissions and the current COP president says there's 'no science' behind phasing-out fossil fuels. It's a joke. A mockery of humanity.

If it's a mockery then why continue to go to COP? You just make a mockery of yourself.

Would you have gone to a peace conference with Hitler in 1939?

It's a 2020s version Soviet show trials - anyone who engages with it is a "useful idiot" for the greatest genocide project in world history. Even Greenpeace has voiced qualified support for COP as "not only a historical opportunity but also a stage to demonstrate the UAE's diplomatic power”

Meanwhile so called "campaigners" are criticising Rishi Sunak, the King and David Cameron for taking separate private jets to get there. If they took the train to the mass murder conference would that be okay?

Winning "winnable" demands at this stage is just another variation of the global suicide project. Only with a strategy of resistance to change everything will we have any chance to save anything.


How can anyone with a semblance of realism or morality financially support an organisation that gives credibility to a conference that facilitates the greatest holocaust in world history - or what the fuck do they think 1 billion refugees means?

It's time to drop the corporate frame "climate", the murder weapon, and instead focus on the murderer - the elites. Either we collapse into fascism and extinction or we create a progressive revolution.

To be clear - three things are needed if we are to avoid collapse into effective extinction.

* The total decarbonisation of societies
* Massive investment and roll out of earth repairing/geo-engineering technologies
* A wholesale political revolution which puts the common interest before corporate interest

The first two will not happen without the third.

The only way to force social changes at scale in the small timescale we have is through Civil Resistance.

More on this from Sir Jonathon Porritt in a blog post this week for Just Stop Oil.

So what’s your theory of change? COP 28 or Just Stop Oil? – Just Stop Oil
By Jonathon Porritt The waves of phoney positivity emanating from CoP28 in Dubai are making me feel sick. “Look at our shiny new Loss and Damage Fund”. “Marvel at the new Emirates Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture”. “Get your heads around new heights of rhetoric about the importance of addressing the methane challenge”. I hate to

Want to know what to do instead of going to COP? Check out this post I wrote after COP27.

What is it about the climate movement that it can’t come?
When is someone going to totally lose it? “The eternal body of the person is the imagination.” -W Blake A while ago, I travelled to Glasgow to speak at COP. I knew what I was going to do. I listened to Pink Floyd’s Echoes at Pompeii 10 times on

In Other News:

Why the world’s first flight powered entirely by sustainable aviation fuel is a green mirage
A flight powered by sustainable aviation fuel is making a trip across the Atlantic. But is it really a greener way to fly?

"The US collects around 600,000 tonnes of used cooking oil each year. If every last drop were diverted to SAFs, it would meet at most 1% of America’s current aviation demand."

Reminds me of Hitler's game changer missiles in 1944-5 versus the might of the US and USSR.

Before a regime collapses its levels of self deception go through the roof.

Too much gas for grass to handle, study shows
New research contradicts the ‘closed loop’ theory of grassland GHG sequestration wiping out the emissions of the livestock grazing it.

You either stop eating meat to stop society from collapsing; or you stop eating meat because society has collapsed: either way your days of eating meat are coming to an end.

Revealed: Saudi Arabia’s grand plan to ‘hook’ poor countries on oil
Climate scientists say fossil fuel use needs to fall rapidly – but oil-rich kingdom is working to drive up demand

I expect the thought has occurred to others, but isn't it strange that a country so rooted in religion can engage in activities that will destroy their families, their traditions, their country - and extinguish God's creation. Is there nothing more important than money and power?

Extreme weather could shut down one in 12 hospitals worldwide, report warns
Total of 16,245 hospitals at high risk by end of century unless fossil fuels phased out, analysts say

The obsession with "climate" direct effects continues. Because secondary effects are more difficult to measure and produce 100x more dire outcomes. Like where will be the money coming from for the other 11 out of 12 hospitals once the world trading systems collapse, due to 100s of millions of refugees, due to extreme weather, due to elite madness.

Deadly climate-induced flooding displaces nearly 1.6 million people across the Horn of Africa - Ethiopia
News and Press Release in English on Ethiopia about Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Drought, Epidemic and more; published on 29 Nov 2023 by Action Against Hunger

This article is a classic example of how the reformist NGO space dampens, distracts from, and undermines the objective need for popular mobilisation for political revolt.

1. "Impacts" - the use of euphemism for mass rape, slaughter and starvation dampens the emotional horror of what it means for people to be murdered on a scale never known before in human history.

2. "The climate crisis" - the climate crisis is not caused by the climate crisis - "the climate crisis" are 3 words that distract from the cause of the murder of the poor - the cause is the actions of the rich.

3.  "Help communities adapt to current challenges while preparing for an uncertain future" - The most obscene self-serving bullshit. Giving people plasters as they are sent into "an uncertain future" i.e the gas chamber of an atmosphere, poisoned with such high levels of CO2 that it will kill a billion plus people. Of course they have to undermine the need for revolt because that is what NGOs employees are paid to do.

In 2023 all this is beyond disgusting.

I'm in Court

There are two metaphysical crimes: to declare that something is nothing or that something is everything.

The British judiciary claims that the criminal mass death project of the elites is "nothing" rather than "something" and so it cannot be compared with the disruption caused by resisters of the death project. And as such, there is no "right of necessity" in a UK court - the defence that engaging in a small disruption or crime is legal if it aims to prevent a far larger disruption or crime. Alternatively, it is assumed that resister disruption is "everything," because it is the only thing that can be spoken of in court and as such cannot be compared with the "something", the elites' criminal death project - and so again the "right of necessity" defence cannot be used.

Of course, this is the height of self-serving political irrationality by the administrators of the pathological carbon regime - and the metaphysical crime will be seen as a real-life crime by the next generation who will not have the luxury of believing in such nonsense.

Come along to visit me in court this week for the Heathrow Pause thing, flying drones at head height etc. It's the me-Larch-and-Valerie show. It's in Isleworth Crown Court and it's normally on from 10am-4pm.

Want to know more about Heathrow Pause? Watch my free film, The Troublemaker.

Sign up for nonviolent civil resistance with Just Stop Oil in the UK or via the A22 Network internationally. Alternatively, you can now sign up for my new Citizen's Assembly project called Humanity.

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