🧑‍🌾On The Farmers Protests

🧑‍🌾On The Farmers Protests
The Gleaners (1857) by Jean-François Millet

I was an organic grower for twenty years - I would work 60 hours a week, bring up my kids, and the only highlight was going to town on a Saturday. Every weekend I would have a crippling headache from the stress.

Why? Because people who do the real work, the essential work, get paid shit wages while the rich pay fuck all taxes. Everyone is sick to death with the humiliation. On top of that, the elites are collapsing our climate, destroying everything in its wake. Normal people don't want a lot - just enough and the dignity of not being treated as idiots.

Unless new progressive social movements arise that make a clear break with the suicidal bollocks of the neoliberals - Starmer, Macron, Scholz - fascists will be in power within the decade.

The new offer is this: "Yes, the country will be less "rich," but at least we can have equality, dignity and community - and that is what counts."

We face mass migration and the collapse of world trade - insurance markets, coastal property prices - as climate breakdown destroys the global economy. Combine that with fascism and you have the biggest shit show in human history.

The situation could not be more serious. Wake up and act.

Online Q&A on Revolution & Leadership - Feb 18th

The present political regimes are not going to last now that climate breakdown is locked in. So given that revolutions are inevitable how do we design social transformations that are pro-social and save what is left to save? Join me in a Zoom event where I tackle this key question. 450 climate leaders signed up to last event from across the world. We will have global breakout groups and time for a Q&A on Revolution and Leadership in the 21st Century.

Sign up for nonviolent civil resistance with Just Stop Oil in the UK or via the A22 Network internationally. Alternatively, you can now join a new collaborative project I'm helping with called Humanity. It is aiming to build the new world ahead based on deliberative democracy.

The Climate Situation
is F*cked

Help me to get on with the job of sorting it out.