⚖️A Small Matter of Treason: Starmer and The “Climate”

⚖️A Small Matter of Treason: Starmer and The “Climate”
Sketch from Adolf Eichmann's Trial

For the past five years I have read ten to twenty articles and scientific papers every week on the “climate”, i.e the coming holocaust enacted by the global elites. I recently received one that predicted a 40% reduction in global GDP by later this century. This builds on two other key papers which predict over one billion migrants as we shoot past 2C in roughly the next 15 years and the resultant billion deaths by the end of the century. So if this is not a holocaust, what exactly do you think these predictions mean? Have the decency to be honest with yourself please.

I used to be a social science researcher at King’s College, London. The name of the game in that trade is to look at everything in context. So I will provide some context. There is overwhelming evidence that the climate science industry is structurally underestimating the realities we face. “Worst than expected” is the standard phrase of just about every article as new stats are published. A few years ago we were going to pass 1.5C around 2050 - now it is already happening. I remember reading reports that the Arctic will melt in the summer around 2100. Papers now predict 2035, if not before. AMOC - the ocean current that stops the 60 million people on these islands from starving to death - was going to collapse at some point next century. Now a recent paper tells us the odds are it will collapse by 2050. If you have not been paying attention, this will create a collapse of temperatures overnight of 3-8C across Europe. So don’t be surprised if it happens before your pension comes due. 

I’m like you. I don’t like to believe things are true if they conflict with my baseline beliefs - like “we will muddle through”. But then it becomes more difficult when it actually comes true. Scientists have been telling us privately and then publicly for years that staying under 1.5C was bollocks - and now here we are. For two decades or more the best kept secret of the climate space has been that aerosols (pollution from burning fossil fuel emissions) have been holding down temperatures by .5C-1C. As we passed 1.8C last September the pretence started to collapse as scientists raged about each other on a dark corner of Twitter. It's the start of the exposure of the world’s biggest cover up. That they knew we were fucked a decade or more ago. Not that the media is interested. Everyone is still in on the pretence, it seems.

Including Mr Starmer, as he decides to go back on investing a few billion in saving what is left to save. The phrase that rings through my head as the next generation takes him to trial for genocide at some point in the 2030s is “you knew and you did nothing”. No doubt Mr Starmer’s top legal team will point out, echoing Adolf Eichmann, that he did not actually do the killing. But it won’t wash any more in 2033 than in 1963. It will be a political trial. Starmer, like Eichman, will be guilty before he enters the courtroom. They hanged Eichmann. No one gets to kill Jews, and no one gets to send the next generation to their death either - without consequences.

This time round though it will be a lot worse because, as anyone with minimal analytic skills  will know, the situation now is - well, metaphysically different. With Eichmann the killing was done. The camps were closed. This time round it will go on for fucking ever. Maybe they will hang Starmer forever, whatever that means. 

Starmer and his fellow conspirators are committing treason by knowingly planning to allow emissions to continue at rates which will contribute to the collapse of the UK state and society in the next generation. Read that sentence several times, nice and slow please. I am not being in the slightest bit rhetorical - playing for effects, trying to get attention. I am absolutely serious. Physics does not lie and, as any sociologist or historian worth their salt knows, when a leader presides over the destruction of their society - things do not end well for them. When they preside over the destruction of their society forever… well, it's worth remembering the Mongols, who skinned members of the Indian ruling class and made their relatives eat the bodies.. 

There are two things for certain - what I am saying here is true, and that those in power will not believe it is true. I mean I told all this recently to Nick Robinson when he interviewed me recently on the BBC - the response: a deafening, earth shattering silence. The real question for those of us at the coal face of resisting this radical evil, pinging in and out of Europe’s worst prisons (I may be locked up again when you read this), is not what is going to happen to the present leadership of the British Labour Party. That’s a done deal.  It is what comes next - fascism or some revolutionary transformation of the human spirit. But I guess it will be a few years before the media wants articles about transcendence from materialism. 

In the meantime the best of British luck everyone.

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