When did we forget? A letter to the British Public as Resistors enter the Heart of Darkness

When did we forget? A letter to the British Public as Resistors enter the Heart of Darkness
Oh, the flowers of indulgence and the weeds of yesteryear
Like criminals, they have choked the breath of conscience and good cheer
When did we forget
Things that must never be forgotten
That we live in this blue-green paradise spinning through the voidSee it from space and you’ll splutter tears of desperate sadness that this is all there is.

When did we forget
That we only get this one life. Only one chance to make our mark. To say we did Right. To love those we promised to love.
As the leaves turn dull and grey, what did we do? Turn away from the dark blackening sky.

When did we decide that we don’t actually love our kids
When was the precise point when we said – you do as we say even as we send you to get fucked in hell. When was the precise moment mums said – you’re on your own now loves – oh and soon you’ll have nothing to eat
At what precise moment did dads say – I no longer want to protect you, kids, because actually, you are a disposable pile of trash
When did we forget that we are parents and instead decide to become devils?
Taking our boot and pushing it into the four-year-old’s face, grinding it in the dirt.

When did we forget we have parents? Do you remember what they said
Be decent
Be something – and don’t be a fucking dick
(some may not have used those words but we know that’s what they meant)
Don’t destroy everything we worked for and our parents and their parents and their parents and on and on
Do you remember them saying it now – don’t be a fucking dick.
Don’t shit on our graves.

“Have you no shame? When did you forget
That the bodies in the gas chambers did not come out alive.
(Now the whole world is a gas chamber)
Do you not remember the shoes and the shoes and more shoes – lost souls
The horror, the terror, the screams and the vomit. When did you forget that agonies beyond words happen when we turn away from our responsibilities?
Never again. When did we forget never again?

“When did we forget what it took to get this country and this world to pull itself out of lives of nasty brutish and shortAll that blood. All that sweet. All those tears. All those lives of struggle. All for nothing.

“What have we become? Oh God, what have we become? What have we done to ourselves?

“Some of us are crying tears that never stop.Some of us are on the motorways this week. So that maybe someday our tears can stop.”


1.5C is no longer credible. Resistance is no longer a choice. Go onto the juststopoil.org to join others on a recruitment zoom. To stop the tears.

The Climate Situation
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