An open letter to the British establishment from a political prisoner

An open letter to the British establishment from a political prisoner

Repression, like all addictions, progresses through stages. In April 2019, you allowed 1000s of people to camp out in central London during the XR rebellion. You met with protesters and declared there was a climate emergency. In the October rebellion of that year, you opted to remove the tents and arrest 2000 people. Post-COVID you started arresting organisers of civil disobedience. Last month during the oil actions, you crossed the Rubicon and imprisoned people, including myself, for just making public arguments in support of taking action. Next stop Belarus.

We all know your strategy. When elites face social challenges: recessions; wars; ideologies; revolts; they opt for repression. It doesn't always work, but the odds are usually good. This year, you have been determined to imprison nonviolent individuals instead of dealing with the root cause. Combine that with a good dose of cultural framing, and the job is done.

You are making a fundamental error. You are not dealing with a "Social challenge", you're dealing with physics. Physics does not go away. When you put the kettle on, the water boils. When you take ice out of the freezer it melts. When a meteorite hits a city, it obliterates the population. When the Arctic ice disappears, billions of people starve to death. Physics is God. Poke it, and you're subject to its wrath.

Elites collapse for two reasons. They fail to understand the exponential function. And they fail to understand that extreme injustice leads to extreme retribution.

In truth, you lost this battle over a decade ago. The tipping point was 350 parts per million of co2 and 1.5 degrees of global warming. We are now 420 and 1.5 is locked in.

Repression is a game you cannot win. For the same reason that two plus two will never equal five. These are now your options: Gracefully accept defeat, come straight with the public, and take emergency action, starting with a no-brainer on stopping new oil and gas. or, continue to dig your hole ever deeper. Condemn yourselves to long prison sentences and possible early death when today's teenagers come to power. Child abuse comes in many forms.

The media like to claim I would like to see "bullets through your heads". I was making a prediction, not a proposition. You may know there is an important difference. For the record. I am a follower of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. I believe in forgiveness as a matter of dogmatic principle. You don't need to sweat about me.

No. What you have to fear is the British public. As you know, they have two outstanding characteristics. They are Democrats, they passionately believe the government should serve their interests. And they are Conservatives, they believe people are responsible for their crimes and should be punished accordingly.

Imagine what is going to happen when the coming cascade of ecological 9-11s hits. When overnight, they can no longer access their savings. When the value of their houses collapses. When the health service finally implodes, when universities close, when Law and Order no longer exists. When the penny finally drops, it's not about "the planet", it's about losing everything they've spent their lives working for. It's about handing a legacy to their children. A legacy of vandalism beyond comprehension.

Of course, 99% of the British establishment does not get it. I am writing this to the 1% that do. Those of you who understand the meaning of the word responsibility, understand this does not conflict with self-interest.

You're already going to go down in history as the most stupid idiots ever to rule these islands.

It's your call what you do next.

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