🇳🇱 The Dutch Election Results

🇳🇱 The Dutch Election Results

The neoliberal "Left" is giving birth to fascism because it refuses to break with the global capitalism regime. That regime has decimated the culture and incomes of workers over the past three decades and now is locking in social collapse by blocking massive carbon reductions. We will only be saved by a real Left which shouts out: "We will tax the rich and they will pay for the carbon transition".

Citizens Assemblies will recreate the details of a new social contract.

In Other News:

2035 Climate Trials: Sunak's Response to UN Criticism of 'severe' Just Stop Oil sentences

"Those who break the law should feel the full force of it.

It's entirely right that The Carbon Elites, and their political administrators that have caused misery to the hard-working majority for the next 1000 generations, face tough sentences.

It's what the public expects and it's what we've delivered."

Those that live by the sword...

We passed 2C.

But it's okay it was only for a few days. Back to work everyone.

We're not going to get killed by the elites just yet.

The climate emergency really is a new type of crisis – consider the ‘triple inequality’ at the heart of it

This Guardian article epitomises the intellectual stupidity and moral depravity of the so called radical scholars embedded in the neo-liberal dream world.

Adam Tooze drags up the straw man of blowing up pipelines to push us into engaging with the greatest genocide conferences of human history - the "COPs".

He is utterly incapable of conceiving that the permanent global depression, made inevitable by the non-linear explosion of climatic extremities in the coming decades, will create the agency for popular revolutionary episodes in regions with democratic traditions that do not take kindly to elites organising a universal suicide. He can't conceive of such possibilities because to do so would place responsibilities on him to act in resistance himself - and well, ... when did you last see a western world professor get banged up for opposing the next holocaust?

Alan Partridge on cars, Canadians and Sunday roasts: ‘I’m already about 70% vegan’

"Potatoes, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower and beef. So, almost entirely vegan."

In a decade's time, when the next generation comes of age, overwhelmed with the stinking mass death of climate collapse, knowingly created by the bystanders of our generation, they will feel the same disgust about comments like this as we do about Jimmy Saville's jokes in the 1980's about liking young girls. And we will sit there crippled with guilt.

Thanks for reading my news commentary. Sorry that my talk this week at the @KairosClub had to be cancelled (rescheduled to 18 Jan 2024) owing to my being unwell.

Before you go, my good friend Marcus is in prison - please sign the petition to stop his deportation. Thank you.

Sign up for nonviolent civil resistance with Just Stop Oil in the UK or via the A22 Network internationally. Alternatively, you can now sign up for my new Citizen's Assembly project called Humanity.

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