🥼 Existential Crisis Realities: The Climate Science of October 2023

🥼 Existential Crisis Realities: The Climate Science of October 2023
Scientists gather outside Parliament, UK this week.

October 2023 brought a whirlwind of revelations, warnings, and urgent calls for action from the climate science community. In this new monthly series, my team and I will look at scientists’ updates to keep those in resistance in the picture and armed with the latest research.

1. 6 billion people could be in unlivable regions by 2100

An international coalition of climate scientists, in a paper published on October 24, declared that Earth's vital signs have worsened beyond anything seen before. The potential collapse of natural and socioeconomic systems, unbearable heat, and shortages of food and freshwater were cited as imminent threats. The report suggested that as many as 3 to 6 billion people could find themselves outside Earth's livable regions by the end of the century.

Let's not mince words. That means potentially billions of deaths.

Read this carefully to see how scientists use euphemisms: "confined beyond the liveable region" - why not just say "will be confined to an unliveable region". Then the great scientists' classic: climate change "causes" severe heat and limited food availability". Incorrect. That IS climate change.

The breakdown of climate/severe heat/mass death is one and the same thing. The causal agent is not fucking "climate change," it is the mass murder project of the world's elites. Every time a scientist or campaigner says "climate change" they create an artificial causal barrier between people who die and people who kill them. Given that humans are hopeless at understanding multiple causal links - the climate industry's key social role in using the term "climate change" is to protect the elites from being seen for what they are - the murderers of the human race.

(Note on this: if you say A causes B then the vast majority of people will go - "Yes, A causes B;" but if you say A caused B which causes C, then hardly anyone will click that "A causes C;" A are the elites, B is climate change and, C is people dying)

: Oct 24 AAAS News Release: “Climate report: ‘Uncharted territory’ imperils life on Earth”
Academic Paper: Oct 23 BioScience journal article: “The 2023 state of the climate report: Entering uncharted territory”

2. Hansen's Warning: The Faustian Aerosol Bargain

Aerosol masking is creating greater uncertainty in the scientific community. Scientists are worried about the extent of warming that is currently being “masked” by the cooling effect of aerosols from existing emissions in our atmosphere. The IPCC puts the current cooling effect at around 0.4C, though it could be as high as 0.8C.

Dr. James E. Hansen, the "Godfather of Climate Science", emphasized humankind’s Faustian aerosol bargain in a tweet on October 13. As even El Niño (a natural climate phase of warmer weather) fizzles out, the planet is still sizzling up. Why? Aerosols are a major factor. Hansen's insight into the two major forcings, greenhouse gases, and aerosols, raises concerns about the inadequacy of our understanding of aerosol dynamics and their potential consequences.

Source: Hensen’s scientific paper, “El Nino Fizzles, Planet Earth Sizzles. Why?”

Check out this article for an introduction to Aerosol Masking.

3. Monsoon Destabilizing

A study from Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) revealed that the South American monsoon, a crucial determinant of the continent's climate, might be approaching a "critical destabilization point." This finding, shared on October 6, warns that the Amazon rainforest is at risk of large-scale dieback. The implications of such an event would be profound, affecting not only regional ecosystems but also global climate patterns.

Article: The Institute’s Oct 4 News Release  
Academic Paper: Oct 4 ScienceAdvances article, “The South American monsoon approaches a critical transition in response to deforestation”

4. Unprecedented Temperature Rise: September 2023 Breaks Records

NASA's temperature record for September 2023 revealed alarming statistics. It was the hottest September on record, continuing a long-term warming trend attributed to human activities. The temperature anomaly reached unprecedented levels, emphasizing the urgent need for climate action.

Source: Oct 13 NASA Goddard Article, “NASA September 2023 Temperature Data Shows Continued Record Warming”

5. The Urgency of Emission Reduction: Prof Nick Cowern's Warning

Professor Nick Cowern, expert on aerosols and methane, stressed the critical need to stop burning fossil fuels by 2030-35 in order to prevent runaway warming and potential civilization collapse. These October tweets painted a stark picture of the consequences of delayed action.

Read more from Oct 27 Update by James Hansen, “To Understand and Protect the Home Planet”  

Conclusion: It's Time For Resistance

October 2023 was another month of reckoning for climate science. The tweets and findings of these scientists echo a common theme: urgent and comprehensive action is required to mitigate the rapidly rising and mortally intensifying risks, threats, and impacts of our existential crises. As we navigate the complex interplay of aerosols, greenhouse gases, global temperatures – exacerbated by the worldwide proliferation of warfare, nuclear risks, and disruptive technologies – the call for decisive measures to safeguard our planet and the life it sustains has never been more urgent. It is beyond bad. We must resist current, catastrophic policies.

Sign up for nonviolent civil resistance with Just Stop Oil in the UK or via the A22 Network internationally. 

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