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But to be honest I hope you will give a little. After years of being effectively homeless - sleeping under a library desk and in PhD rooms at King’s College, then on the floor of XR offices, and in the spare room of supporters - myself and my partner Frieda are now in a permanently rented flat. It is a space in which to organise the coming revolution: to engage fully with the global media, and advise and organise mobilisations around the world. It is absolutely perfect. But I need money to afford it.

By donating you will enable me to get on with the vital work I am doing and give me the resources not just to support myself, but also other people who are stepping up. I am completely committed to living on the minimum income and will give any surplus to the cause. This is how I have always lived and I am not going to change now.

If you decide to pay the toll, a couple of perks come your way too like copies of my new books.

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Anyway, I’m glad you’re here, and on we go!

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